Day Spa

spaFor those of you that love to be pampered, get ready to indulge. High Expectations has the most prestigious locations for you to experience. You will talk to a concierge host, explaining exactly what you may be looking for so we can tailor to your desire. Starting with a full body massage, then relaxing in the natural springs with a loved one sharing some wine or champagne. We will create any image you wish, planning it all out for you so you don’t have to. Just sit back and relax, knowing that our business is built around quality.

Wo’ P’in Spa

Climb the winding stairs, find yourself in quiet tranquility.
This is Wo’ P’in Spa. Each luxurious experience draws on world inspired spa therapies and natural, indigenous healing elements to influence your serenity, health, and balance. Come experience luxury treatments arranged by High Expectations, your complimentary concierge service. Members only.

Private Spa

Do you want the ultimate experience of a spa of your own for a day or night?  High Expectations can make that happen. This customized package is accompanied by a complimentary bottle of Champagne or wine, and appetizers. Book your exclusive spa experience with High Expectations.